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Thursday, July 14

Day 1: Countdown to Austin

Zach and I decided since we didn't have anything else to do at 2am, we would time how long it took us to get to the hospital. Note sarcasm! Really, I started having contractions at 7:30pm and by 2am they were between 4 and 5 minutes apart. So we loaded up and headed to the promise land. After an hour and 1/2 of being monitored, the contractions grew stronger and continued to stay steady at 4-5 minutes apart but after that time I was still at 2cm which meant I was not in active labor since no progress was made. So around 4am we returned home and hit the bed, hard! I could barely pick my head up off my pillow this morning to get dressed for my doctor appointment. My poor legs felt like they had just run a marathon and my stomach ached like a well worn punching bag. I guess after your body contracts every 5 minutes for over 12 hours it begins to feel like a floppy noodle.

So here is the latest from the doc: They were very happy that my body has started the process on it's own (many first babies have to be medicinally encouraged) and with the contractions staying consistent they said it really is just a waiting game for the contraction to loosen my cervix. I am still 70% thinned, 2cm dilated, and on my way to babyland. However the train to baby land has many speeds and we are just waiting it out. If the baby doesn't come tonight, I have a stress test/ baby physical first thing in the morning to make sure he can handle going past his due date. Then if I don't deliver this weekend, I have an appointment Monday to evaluate my progress and we will then schedule and induction for either Tues, Weds, or Thursday.

For now, I am resting a lot and I have stopped working. Doc said it's time to get some sleep and hydrate like a fish.

I am praying for this little man to make a lot of progress in the next day or so and I know his cousin Nate is praying for the same thing so Austin and Nate will share a July 15th bithday. I just really want him to to come safely on his own..not to mention contractions aren't a cake walk so the sooner the better!

Feeling blessed at the moment! Somewhat surreal to have looked forward to a day for over 9 months (okay I am lying....I've looked forward to it my whole life) and knowing it is almost here.

Prayers welcome!! Thanks for the continued love and support!


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babyshea said...

You are SO CLOSE!!! No matter what, by this time next week, Austin will be in your (or Zach's!) arms!!! Isn't that amazing? Hooray for going into labor on your own ~ I know that must be so exciting, despite the complete exhaustion. Thoughts and prayers are with you for a July 15th cousin-sharing birthday...but of course any birthday in the next few days will be absolutely wonderful, too. : )

Also, if you end up having an induction and are then worried about it...know that with Liam I was induced on the 10th day past his due date and it was an incredibly positive experience. I would do it again in a second, if it came to that time-frame again. Of course I'm hoping to go on my own this time, just because the natural start to labor process is appealing. However, I am no longer scared of induction and wanted to give you some positive words from at least one! : ) It doesn't sound like you will be induced...but I thought I'd share just in case.

COME ON, AUSTIN!!! We are all ready for you, sweet boy!!!

Holly Aldredge said...

Got a little teary eyed thinking about y'all having a baby. I guess it hasn't really hit me yet! Good luck Shannon, we're thinking of y'all all weekend. I know your parents are in Natchez (which I know makes you feel so much better), but remember my mom is there if you need any medical/other mom advice! Love you!!! Cannot wait!!!

"McShane" said...

I love you both and can't wait to love on Austin! I am going to second what "babyshea" said about induction if you end up there (but I am doubting it two from the sound of things). I know we have texted back and forth about this a lot but my experience being induced was really positive as well. Very relaxed with the exception of an intense transition and then a very short amount of time pushing. But it all went very well and I wouldn't be concerned if we ended up there this time around too--especially if you are already dilating and all that fun.

We love you!!! XOXO, all the DeFrehns