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Monday, May 7

He's mobile....too mobile

Austin has been very reluctant to take off crawling, he would fuss every time he was on his tummy for more than a minute and only move forward or backward enough to reach what he had his eye on.  So crawling was never on the top of his list and prefers to walk around the furniture to get from A to B....that is until Wednesday.  Zach and I were playing with him on our bedroom floor after work, which is a really rare occurrence for both of us to be with him early in the evening.  There was a reason we were all there at once because all of the sudden he popped up on all 4's like usual and took off like crawling was no big thing.  We were so excited that both of us had been there to see it.

Hurry, someone call my Grandma Marilyn and let her know that Austin crawled before he walked, she was really concerned with that developmental milestone but we were convinced he just wasn't going to like crawling and opt to walk instead.  However, with this new skill came a boost of confidence which has gotten this little man in trouble.  As soon as he took off crawling he started walking more too and he forgets that he is not 100% sturdy just yet and has bonked his head a few times this weekend.  We worried he would bruise from some of these spills and it would start the rumor mill when he went to daycare today.  But his little head is pretty resilient and as soon as he busts he pops up and does it all over again.  Oh geez, looks like when we get home from the beach we will be baby proofing the house.

It seems like all of the sudden we have a little boy on our hands, mimicking the things we do, talking up a storm and being a little comedian.  He now loves "Where is Austin" and pulls a blanket over his head and then rips it off laughing.  

Enough chit chat, here are some videos of this little man in action.  

Austin gets so tickled from Emma's licks in this one he totally looses his strength and face plants.

Austin's favorite thing to do is walk behind his lion walker.  Sometimes he pushed it correctly, sometimes he gets on the front end and pushes it backwards and sometimes he pushes it sideways.  The boy likes to mix it up.

He loves walking 'round and 'round the coffee table and playing with the drawer knobs.

Austin attends his first Ole Miss Crawfish boil on the bluff with Coach Kennedy.  Coach signed his hat so hopefully his head stays this size so he can wear it when he goes to college.

We FINALLY gave in and let Austin watch a little TV so I could get some things done.  Life doesn't get much better than this- snacks, juice, toys and Mickey Mouse club.  I had "Hot Diggity Dog" in my head the rest of the day.

Here is Mr. Trouble in action, his new favorite table to walk around side of to play with the drawer.  We will be moving this table soon, he gets too confident and bonks his head.

This is why we can't leave him sitting on his play mat.  He stands up on that end of the couch and makes his way around the couch and ottoman to his favorite end table (danger zone).  He always stands up on his tippy toes to look into the tray on the ottoman, so cute!

By the time the weekend was over, Austin had worn himself out and fell asleep with daddy on the couch.  Being mobile is hard work.

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Katie said...

SO cute Shannon! He sure is getting around!