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Friday, May 18

First trip to Sandestin! (not the last)

Well get ready for photo-dump extraordinaire today.  If you know me or Zach, you know the beach is our favorite place to be.  It's right up there with Oxford- both places just do wonders for your mind, body and soul!  So forgive me for overwhelming you but it was Austin's first trip to the beach and I have to document every second I can of Austin's life since they are flying by too quickly for me to keep it all straight.  We turn our blog into a book every year so I love looking back on everything this little guy has been up to.

My first beach trip...narrated by Austin Jex:

The journey started with a stop in Gulfport.  We got there and was pleasantly surprised to find the outlet mall down the street from the hotel so we just had to stop.  What fun! Mommy and I just got new shades so Grammy and Daddy needed some too. The next day mommy had to train some people for work so Daddy, Grammy and I hung out while she was out work.  
Grammy & Daddy are way cool!
My new shades!
Love shopping with Mommy, she lets me hold the bags.
Dinner @ Half Shell was really good
We were so excited that Grammy got to come. I am pretty much obsessed with her and want to take her everywhere!  We hoped Papa could come too but he had some other things going on so we had to make due without him.  Not sure where we would have put him if he did come....I think next time we will need to rent a bus because here's what traveling with 3 adults and a baby to the beach looks like.
We had the most amazing view from the top floor of our condo!  Hello  Gorgeous!

Here I am packing my beach bag.  
Fedora....check.  Shades....check.  Snacks...check.  
Now it's time to strut my stuff in my board shorts along the beach.

Here is daddy practicing for the wedding where he played the music.  I slip into a trance when Daddy plays the guitar....but enough already, let's get to the beach.

The rest of the pics pretty much speak for themselves!  I loved walking on the sand and especially loved swimming in the pool.  I wasn't so thrilled about sitting in the skin is far too soft for that abrasive sand.  My favorite part was napping on the beach and nothing beats drinking a bottle in the warm sun as you watch the ladies pass by.  I got to practice my new skill, waving.

I love Grammy so much!

Here I am doing by Cousin It impression.

Not too thrilled about the sand.  I like being clean.
I loved going to the Baytown Warf that night.  I got to see a ton of kids and I even got to eat at Acme Oyster Bar for the first time.  Well Daddy wouldn't give me any of his oysters and Mommy wouldn't let me taste her Pina Colada but Grammy gave me lots of yummy crackers and goodies..  She is always so good to me.  Too bad I fell asleep right before they got Gelato...I always miss the good stuff.

Here we are about to leave the beach.  The only reason I was okay with leaving was because it started raining but I am counting down the days for our beach trip in July, it will be the best 1st birthday ever!!  I love mommy's shirt, don't you??

So I have concluded, the apple does not fall far from the tree and I LOVE THE, love, love it just like mommy and daddy!

More pics from the weddings coming soon!

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