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Thursday, April 7

A home for Mom & Dad

WE FOUND IT!!!! Thank you to all our family and friends that have been prayer warriors for us over the past few months as we try to find a home in Natchez for my parents. It was much easier said then done. There is very little to choose from in a small town and for a while it seemed like all the good ones were gone...until yesterday!

We found this majestic gem on the hill, right in the heart of downtown Natchez and complete with a view of the river from the upstairs windows. It is literally 1 street back from the river and a few steps from what I think is the most scenic part of the bluff (gosh I am kinda jealous of the view!) Here are some pictures...sorry some are blurry since I pulled them from the website.
Doesn't this home just beg to be called by a charming southern name?!?! Recommendations welcome.

Enjoy the pics, more to come in June after we have the keys!

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Becky Jex said...

What a beautiful house!! So excited you guys found a house for your sweet parents!! I know they are gonna love living in Natchez : )