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Tuesday, April 26

Austin's Hamptons Hideaway

Okay, our little boy's name is now B.O. and F.B.O (blog official and Face Book official)

Austin Alexander Jex
will be joining the Jex crew in the next 11 weeks. We are getting so excited and now the the nursery is done it is so hard to be patient. Here are pictures of the completed nursery and then later this week I will post before and after pics so you get the full story of how much effort Zach and I poured into this room. We also renovated the bathroom and pics of that will be coming soon too. Hope you enjoy the sweet nursery...what I call his "Hampton's Hideaway". We already enjoy it and some days we will just go in there and sit a spell and enjoy how peaceful it is.
The window wall was a Family effort: Zach constructed valance, I made the burlap valance cover and painted monogram, Mom made window seat cushion, window seat toy box was the Jexes, Steve made rocking horse long before Zach was born, Mom & Dad took us shopping and bought us the new leather glider/recliner, I made the throw pillows for the window seat and drew the sketches on the wall, the rocking chair was Zach's as a child.

Distressed oar from Pottery Barn and Lighthouse painting by me. I will take closet pictures once I finish hanging his clothes. The 50 baby hangers I have are far to few for his clothing loot even though Papa Dale believes a man only needs 45 articles of clothing. Also in the closet is the chest that was passed down from my mom to me when I was a baby and now to Austin.

Austin's bed where he will sleep peacefully through the night starting on day 1 :)

Sweet monogrammed bedding from

His window seat/toy box....thank you Mom for the seersucker window seat cushion. Seriously people, this thing looks like a pro sewed it. Contrasting piping all the way around top and bottom and a hidden zipper in the back. It's amazing. And thank you Dad for finding the most awesome foam in the world at a specialty store in Houston. It so comfy you could sleep on it! I sewed the pillows (look very amateur next to Mom's creation) and the Teddy Bear is from the English Teddy Bear Company. I got it 8 years ago when I was studying in England.

Pencil and Ink drawings I drew. The entire collection is for sale on my site (boys, girls, and neutral)

Zach's rocking chair from when he was a child

Cute little toy basket on the changing table from Mrs. Anne

Custom Row Boat, hopefully he won't try to paddle away from his crazy mom that won't stop hugging him.

Zach's little pony from when he was little.

His new book collection thanks to his Aunt Bev, the Kingwood shower hostesses, Mrs. Anne and an adorable book I found with Aunt Nette in Colorado. New bookshelves I picked out with Mom and Dad at Ikea.

Sweet wreath for nursery door and hospital door..thanks Aunt Ruth!

Old trunk that Randa refinished for Zach when he was in college. This is Austin treasure chest!

Rocking horse Steve built for his son Zachary (I built it long before he had a child on the way but he knew he was going to have a son and name him Zachary!)

As you can tell, the nursery is a collection of many old items that have been in our families, a few store bought pieces of furniture and a lot of little hand made creations from both sides of the family. This little man is so loved.

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Lee and Hyde Carby said...

I love the nursery! Y'all have done an amazing job! So many great details! And I love the stripes that are only visible when the light hits just right.