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Monday, February 18

Baby girl is 31 weeks

Baby Girl @ 31 weeks
Baby Austin @ 30 weeks
Wow- I swore I was carrying Baby Girl much lower than I did Austin but now looking at these pictures it looks just the opposite. I was reading my 30 wk post with Austin and it's crazy how similar it is to this pregnancy.  Also please notice that my advanced iphone/mirror photography skills are still sharp as a tack after 2 day...soon....I will get out our real camera and learn how to use it...soon...I promise!

Baby Girl is growing fast, weighing in around 4lbs and 19” long this week.  I have gained 20lbs (same as Austin at this week of the pregnancy) This weekend was the first time I started feeling Braxton Hicks contractions and according to my 30wk post during Austin's pregnancy that is when I started having them.  We were working around the house on Sunday and I would feel a strong tightening sensation of my stomach.  Austin was in a snuggly mood so that gave me the opportunity to relax in the recliner for a while and watch TV but he doesn't quite understand why he can no longer relax in his favorite position- laying right on top of my stomach.

My nurse practitioner Kappi would be happy to hear me say that as of yesterday my days of high heels/heeled boots are gone.  I wear them a lot since all of my maternity work pants are long and I needed the extra few inches but I can no longer justify that reasoning.  I am scared I will be off balance when carrying Austin up and down the porch steps and it causes my legs and back to ache.  

I feel really good but also really pregnant.  I guess I should start replying “as good as can be expected” when people ask....just wish I had more energy/endurance for physical activity like walking up our stairs (yeah I know that is sad!)  Zach and I are eating really healthy again like the pre-pregnancy days for many reasons but one selfish reason is to help get the baby weight off afterward and that was out of the question the way I had been eating this pregnancy- basically I ate anything that I could tolerate or that sounded good which was often times unhealthy.   Also, I walk behind the empty stroller to daycare on pretty afternoons and pickup Austin and then we will walk for 30-45 minutes.  So although I took a good 20 weeks off this pregnancy from my intense workout routine I am trying to get back into some low-key activity because you better believe when I get the green light to exercise after birth, baby girl and I will be tearing up the pavement during my spring maternity leave! My sister-in-law has inspired me big time.  She looks like a rock star after, get this….4 kiddos! I want to see muscles again and feel strong and energetic!  Zach, I know you are reading this….keep me honest and hold me accountable since it will be harder than ever with 2 kids.

I go in for my next appointment Feb.27. Two weeks from then I will have my last sonogram before the birth and I am so excited about it. I remember seeing Austin in 4D at the final sonogram and we could see his adorable cheeks and perfect little lips.  When I saw him for the first time, those were the first 2 features that caught my eye….next was the bleach blonde hair.  I can’t wait to see what our little girl looks like!

Well this pregnancy is flying by and although the nursery is complete enough that she could come tomorrow, it is still very far from feeling complete in my mind.  Zach has rolled his eyes countless times when he finds me standing in the middle of the room trying to figure it all out, it just doesn't feel right yet….all you moms that have ever suffered pregnancy hormones knows exactly what I am talking about.

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