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Tuesday, January 15

Big Boy Club

Yup, that’s right…someone stole my baby and replaced him with this sweet boy.  Zach and I say “he looks so old” almost every morning.  I’m not sure when this will cease to shock us. Two major milestones mark his entrance into the Big Boy Club.

First, we broke him of his paci which wasn’t hard at all and to think I had dreaded it for weeks.  He asked for it around naptime/bedtime the first 2 days and then he just moved on.  Go Austin!

Our next milestone will take place next week when we get his big boy bed down from the attic and attempt to give up the crib.  This scares the bejeezes out of me since he can open doors and his room is upstairs but with the combination of safety knobs, the gate on the stairs, and the squeaky bedroom door I refuse to put WD40 to for the sole reason that I can hear the door open on the baby monitor…..I think I can do it.  I have no idea how he will react.  He has never tried to climb out of his crib, he loves bedtime, and he always sleeps 12 hours nights so I am hopeful that a change in location won’t change these good habits.  Wish us luck-  tips and tricks welcome!

As far as the third component of the BB Club- potty training….I am in NO hurry to begin this process and I personally think he is too young to start.  I find no inconvenience in changing a disposable diaper but I find a huge inconvenience in changing soiled clothes, cleaning soiled carseats, rugs, bedding, etc every few hours. I know everyone has their own opinion but I thought it was ridiculous when I saw someone giving grief to a friend of mine (with a child 1 month older than Austin) on Facebook for not having started her child on potty training.  To each their own and only you know when your child is ready-  my plan is to get Baby Girl in her sleeping routine (hopefully around 7 weeks) and when the fog of the new baby lifts, I may entertain the idea.  He will be approaching 2 at that time and I think that would be a good time if not later.


The Borgman's said...

Way to go Austin!In my opinion he is too young to start with the potty. I agree with you a 100% that right before his 2nd birthday is the perfect time to start.

Lynell said...

Between 2 & 2 1/2 makes a lot of sense. He will be communicating better by then and that's important to success. Although he knows how to praise and applaud already!

"McShane" said...

No worries on starting the potty training--we "started" young using the training potty but I kept her in a pull up for quiet sometime. Doing the same with Sydney--just having the potty as an option is nice when they want to try it.