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Monday, October 22

So proud of our little boy

The last week I have been blown away on a daily basis by things Austin is doing or saying.  I guess as parents we are always talking to him and explaining the world and when they start picking up on things you said it just takes you a minute to realize what just happened.

I wish I had a reality show following this kid to get it all on video. Sorry for lack of pictures but here are some fun things going on in the world of Austin:

  • Sunday morning I was in the kitchen cooking breakfast for everyone and I had Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on in the den so Austin could have something to watch while drinking his milk, although Austin has absolutely no interest in that or any other cartoon.  He was playing in the kitchen and I said "why don't you go watch MMC and drink your milk" and he looked at me and walked out of the room.  A minute later he returns to the kitchen wearing his giant Mickey Mouse hands.  I fell out laughing that he made that connection since he only had those gloves for a day.
  • The ladies in his daycare class told me today he is adjusting great to the big boy class. He loves to play with the other kids and is an excellent napper.  They said even if he isn't sleepy the whole time he lays on his mat quietly the entire 2 hours until nap time is over.  What a big boy!
  • When i put pancakes on his highchair he hovers his hand over them first to make sure they aren't hot.  Smart boy!
  • Every night when I say time for bed, he drops what he is doing walks towards the staircase and signs "brush teeth"
  • He can now open and close the front door.  He knows it takes a lot of leverage so he puts one hand on the lever and one hand on the door pull and pushes the door open. Then he scoots over to let me come through and shuts the door behind us.
  • He can identify all his common body parts- ears, eyes, nose, head, belly, feet, hands.  I love when we say "blink your eyes" and he squints really hard like he's starring at the sun.  
  • If he sees a brush or comb he pics it up and brushes his hair.
  • Saying WOW and BOOM at the fireworks and the hot air balloons.
  • Picks up a book or paper and starts jabbering non stop like he's reading it.
This is such a fun age and he is such a happy little guy.  I don't think I heard him cry one time the entire weekend with all the company in town.  He is full of so much life and laughter!

I couldn't ask for more as a mother.  I feel so blessed!

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"McShane" said...

Sweet smart baby boy! Pretty soon you won't be able to call him a baby anymore!