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Tuesday, October 9

One Talented Family

I was going through pictures on my computer the other day and realized that most of my favorite pictures over the past 15 months came from 3 talented women that all have one thing in common....they are a Tillman.  I would like to think Austin is just "that cute" but in all reality these girls can do things behind the lens that is nothing short of magic.  They each photographed him at different ages yet captured his personality.  That might not mean much to you if you aren't around him often but it's amazing when you see a picture of your child and immediately think, "that's Austin to a T".
I have to admit that over 95% of the pictures I have taken of this little love bug have been on my iPhone, yeah I know slap my wrist!  Katie told me she was taking an online class to become more skilled and it kindled a little fire within me.  I set a goal to get out the Canon Rebel, dust it off and learn how to really use the darn thing by the time Baby 2 arrives.  Thanks Katie for inspiring me!
Let me make one thing clear, don't expect Tillman quality the day I deliver, or even 6 years later for that matter.  Just be patient as it will be a work in progress and expect many imperfect yet sweet pictures.  I just want to be able to get the basic skills down now that there are about to be 2 tiny Jexes in this world.
So on to the good stuff:  Here are my favs!!
Courtesy of Katie G. Tillman
Austin @ 14 1/2 months

Courtesy of Becky T. Jex
Austin @ 12 months

Austin @ 9 months

Courtesy of Amanda T. Shea
Austin @ 3 months


Go ahead, say it........these ladies are good!!!


"McShane" said...

Those ladies are definitely good. But your family is also THAT photogenic!

Amanda Shea said...

This is such a sweet blog post (of course they all are!). Thank you so much, Shannon! I loved getting to photograph Austin when he was so tiny and I love that B & Katie have had the opportunity to do the same. Those girls are AMAZING!!! I continue to follow your blog, though I am not the best at commenting these days. The new-baby-news is beyond exciting and I still can't get over how cute the photo announcement is--LOVE it. If you add that to Pinterest, it will spread like wildfire! Much love to y'all ~ thanks again for this especially thoughtful entry. xoxo