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Friday, March 15

Baby Jex 34 Week Update

Mom and I went to the doctor Tuesday to see little baby Jex.  She had never seen a 4D sonogram so I know she would really enjoy it!  It is always amazing seeing them biting their lip or moving their little bitty hands!  She loved it but I had to cut it short because I started to get dizzy- another one of my classic pregnancy episodes.  Lying flat on my back does it to me every time so sonograms and dental visits are always “eventful”.  Enough about me, here is the update on our little sweetheart.

She is weighing in at 5lbs 10oz which is right on schedule, her body (stomach/femur) are measuring 34 weeks and her head is measuring 36 weeks.  Yikes!  However they informed me Austin had a big head too about an hour before he was born so I guess that is par for my babies...big brains like their daddy!

Austin on Left at 34 wks, Baby girl on right at 34 weeks.  Looks like we have another cheeky/big headed baby!!!
“She” still will not confirm that she is in fact a she.  Every sonogram we have looked and there is absolutely no sign of boy parts however she will not give us a good angle to be 100% sure it’s a girl.  My sonogram tech said she is 95% sure but you know what that translates to in my head--- a boy named Sue with a pink nursery.

I am pretty convinced this stubborn little one is in fact a girl and might be a little clone of her hard headed mommy because she is shaking things up and sitting breach right now.  Most babies should be turned head down by 34 weeks but she isn't.  We are hoping that she will turn on her own by the 25th when I go in for my 36 week appointment.  The good thing is, now we get an extra sonogram for the purpose of seeing if she has turned however I want the 100% “it’s a girl” confirmation.  If she hasn't turned, we will schedule an outpatient procedure for the following week (37 weeks) where they actually use brute force on the outside of my stomach to manually turn her.  They will hook me up to monitors and fluids to make sure nothing bad happens but they warned me it definitely wouldn't be the most pleasant process.  If this still doesn't do the trick, we will have a scheduled C-Section a week prior to the due date. EEK!

They told me I have a few things in my favor for the turning process- I am a relatively small person (apparently it is really hard to find the baby and turn the baby on larger women), the baby is average size, and I have a good amount of fluid surrounding the baby.  Please pray this goes well because I really would like to avoid going under the knife and the painful recovery.  It would break my heart not to be able to pick up Austin the day after and love on him and I am worried he would think I didn't love him if all the sudden there is a new baby and I stop holding him.  I know that is crazy mommy talk but I know my son and I really think it might hurt his feelings, he is a tender-hearted momma’s boy.

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Charles and Betsy said...

Hi Shannon! I knew Zach when we were younger and started following your blog a while back. Austin is precious and congratulations on your pregnancy with baby girl! I am a childbirth educator and I wanted to pass on some information you might find useful for helping your sweet baby girl turn. Spinning Babies has some great information and exercises you can try out here:
Also, chiropractors have been known to really help as well as acupuncture. They all seem a little odd to think about, but are much more comfortable than an external version and a c-section. I am so proud that you are doing what you can to try and help her turn! Also, babies have been known to flip even in labor, so you may want to discuss with your doctor the option of waiting until you go into labor before scheduling a c-section. They typically don't want to do this because it takes the convenience of performing a c-section away from them, but there is usually no medical reason they can't wait until labor starts to have the c-section. They perform emergency c-sections all the time, and waiting until your labor starts isn't an emergency so there should be plenty of time to get prepped and ready if a c-section is needed. That way you know that your precious baby girl is ready and you have had time to do everything possible to get her to turn. Obviously, do what you and Zach feel is best for y'all! I just wanted to pass on additional information for y'all to consider!. :) If you want to ask me any questions, feel free to email me at betsybarden [at] gmail [.] com.