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Thursday, November 29

Baby Girl get's Lime Wash!

Time to Lime Wash....

I keep wanting to say Acid Wash and then the vision of Jonathan Taylor Thomas circa 1991 wearing acid wash jeans pops into my head.

Don't worry we are not getting Baby Girl acid washed jeans, we are getting her a lime washed fireplace.  We have a 3' W x 2.5' D rust red brick chimney that runs up the main focal wall when you walk into nursery, I absolutely love having the architectural detail but we don't love the color of the brick.  The back of our home was added in the early 80's so the brick new, perfectly shaped, and thin mortar-  and it does nothing for us.  Unfortunately it's not the gorgeous 1889 brick from when our home was born- you know the hand formed ones where no 2 bricks look the same.......oh NOW WE ARE TALKING!  Pair that with the thick, chuncky, uneven mortar.....oh baby!!! 

This brick makes me melt........ 

But since we don't have that lovely character in our brick, it will look more like the ones below when we finish.  Still very pretty and will be just the right amount of Shabby Chic in my little angel's room.  We are also putting in dark Cherry hardwood floors in Baby Girl's room and Austin's room to match the rest of the house.  I think those two contrasting tones and textures will pair really nicely!

I will upload before and after pictures.  Photography might be the only role I play in this home project since the phrase "lime wash" doesn't sound pregnancy friendly unless it is one of the steps in a facial.


Anonymous said...

I am interested in doing a lime wash on the exterior of my house. Can you share any instructions on how this would be done. thnaks

Anonymous said...

We are wanting to lime wash our brick home as well. Where do we learn how to do it?