Life is a test. We are not present on earth to just exist; we are here to learn. Life is a lesson. Love one another unconditionally. Love thyself unconditionally. We spend our whole lives learning to do this. Some succeed and some never have a clue. I'm trying. Love my fellow man. Don't react and don't always have to be right. This is one I'll have to work on for the rest of my life. Appreciate each day and recognize positive and negative as a part of life's experiences. Look around me and see life at it's best. The joys of living come as you strive to achieve your dreams. Its the quality of each day that is important, not the distant dream once achieved. Teach and nurture my children. You can never give them too much love. -Randa Jex 1/1/94

Saturday, December 8

Happy Birthday Boo!

I always tried to make Zach's birthday special since he was a December baby and it's easy to get lost in the shuffle of all things holiday.  Usually by December 8th, you've decorated the home and tree, you have a few holiday parties under your belt, and you've gone to share your Christmas list with Santa.

Don't get me wrong I don't always take it to the level of the surprise party we threw him in college, but it's definitively not just another day around our house.  Besides, a quite dinner with family is more his style anyway. He doesn't even ask for gifts.....who is this guy??  I can't relate.

Being a mother now, I understand what a huge deal the birth day is.  July 16 (and a TBD day in April) will never be just another day to me..... it might not be significant to many other people but that is a day when the world was blessed, enhanced, and changed forever.  A day I counted down for 9 long months and I am sure Randa counted the days for December 8th as well.

Happy Birthday Michael Zachary Jex! Hope you have a special day since 32 years ago on this very day the world was blessed, enhanced, and changed forever.

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