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Monday, November 19

"Baaaaaaaaa" Races 2012

I would be remiss if I didn't blog about one of the biggest weekends in Natchez- Balloon Races.  I have been so busy I totally forgot to share pictures but I am glad I waited because the funniest part has transpired since that weekend.  Austin has become TOTALLY obsessed and infatuated with hot air balloons.  Or as he refers to the "Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" (he holds the 'a' for at least 3 seconds) since he hasn't quite figured out the "loons" symbol.  We have 4 framed balloon race artwork pieces in the hallway downstairs from the recent years we attended.  He frequently stops and points at the artwork and says "Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" with his mouth hanging wide open like the beauty has astonished him each and every time.  He stops and points every time he sees a balloon on a shirt, poster, flag, etc. 

I am so glad that Natchez has the annual Balloon Race tradition for him to grow up enjoying- it has already made a special impact on this little guy.

Warning- if you aren't into picture books, stop comes and huge photo dump from the fun filled weekend.  Too many great ones not to share.
ENJOY!!  And come experience it for yourself one of these years! 
Friday night Fireworks over the river!  When Austin learned to say "OH WOW" and "POP"

Staying up late in my Jammies with all of my favorite people!

Dad and I woke up early to help our friend and pilot, Ken, crew the balloon.  They get to the pilots briefing well before sunrise and like to take off around 6:30am.  Our good friend Matt was staying downtown with us for the weekend and came with us- everyone had a blast.  Here is Austin with Papa saying "ohhhh WOW"

That is Ken's balloon up up and away!
Okay so the whole point to the balloon race is for all balloons to drop 3 bean bags on the "target" which is announced every morning.  It is an art to navigate the balloons through the wind conditions at different altitudes from the launch point to the target.  Here are some pictures of the balloons coming really low to drop the bean bags.  It was beautiful!

Austin and his good friend Molly hanging out and talking strategy at the target.
Then we came home to have breakfast {breakfast casserole, muffins, and enough Donut Shop donuts to feed a small country...yummmmm} with family and friends.  I pinch myself and days like this when our house is busy with our family and friends hanging out and watching our sweet kids take it all in!
Austin getting a morning "ride" on G- Pa's Harley.  Bad to the bone!

 Celebrating G-Pa's birthday!

Lunch on the bluff with the family

 Austin learns how to dip his fries in ketchup- hilarious!

Playing bubbles with cousin Jules!  Precious little people making precious memories!

My favorite picture of the weekend.  Austin was using Uncle Kel's sponsor badge as a telephone.  It was hilarious!

Austin loved the cars so much we gave the Carnie a million tickets and told him to keep him on it until the tickets ran out.  Austin rode every car including the pink Barbie jeep.

Enjoying the beautiful weather and the Pat Green concert to end the weekend.  Life doesn't get much better than Balloon Race weekend in Natchez!


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