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Monday, August 27

GAMEROOM-- What would you do?

Zach and I are are experiencing another creative high! Every couple of months (sometimes weeks) we get the itch to so something drastic to the house.  This month we changed the Art Studio to a gameroom and we are in the initial stages of redoing the back guest bedroom.

So I am here to ask for your input on the Gameroom:

The new Gameroom has a fresh coat of paint on the walls (Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams-LOVE!) and a fresh coat of white on the moldings.

We purchased this couch:

This rug is due to arrive anyday:

And we use a bar that used to be downstairs as an entertainment center.  We needed something tall so Austin wouldn't be messing with the DVD and cablebox and we wanted something we could store toys on too.  So I grabbed adorable canvas tubs on clearance at Office Depot for $5/pop for toy storage.

This is the little table I had when I was a child- a lot of creative energy was spent around this table!!  We are looking for a small chair but the Ole Miss pop up chair will do for now.  The obscenely large black cabinet in corner is where my creative side lives.  Yes- all my art supplies are organized in there so I had to keep a little real estate in the room even if the piece it huge and ugly- it's very functional.  So we are going to put big alphabet magnets on the front and chalkboard paint on the side and transform it into a learning center for Austin.

Here is what I am thinking:  I want to do BOLD primary colors in pops around the room.  The floors are dark Cherry and the walls are a very light blue/green so we are starting with a very cool/neutral pallet.  I am thinking about bringing in a complimentary geometric pattern  or maybe even a bold stripe into Roman Shades for the 4 windows-  Kelly Green with Blue Accents keep going though my mind.  I'll call Ralph (Ralph Lauren that is) and see if he has ideas since it feels right up his alley.  Or maybe thick Red/white stripes.

Here is the kicker that is going to tie together all these primary colors...3 custom Dr. Suess whimsical drawings for the large window-facing wall.  Oh maybe I could do 3 totally random pieces like The  Cat in The Hat, The Hungry Caterpillar and Curious George- all in primary bold colors! The artwork will go on this long wall.

I can be persuaded to go in a totally different direction if you have a strong case.  Otherwise I would love your feedback/ideas/input on the room.

Love the Dr Suess artwork but I am thinking about going bigger  and drawing it on canvas

What would you do?  (gosh I really wish Candice Olson or Antonio Ballatore were reading this!)

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