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Thursday, September 22

2 Month Shots

We're alive! We survived the 2 month shots and just in case you were wondering I was much more worried about how I was gonna handle it than Austin. On the way to the Dr.'s office Zach told me not to worry because Austin won't even remember today, I said that wasn't the problem because I will :( But we have a fabulous pediatrician who is so good with Austin so I knew we were in good hands.
He was such a little ham today at the appointment...he was a happy little guy through the naked weigh-in and the temperature reading (you know where!). Then he was all smiles for Dr. Weary and even warmed up enough to start chatting with her. She said Austin is growing just like he should. He is still exactly on the average curve for weight and still above average on height.... which I totally expected since we know he is taking after his dad judging by his big ole feet. She also told us we were so blessed and lucky to a baby on a daily schedule and for him to be sleeping through the night. When she threw out the word "luck" I had to grin because I really don't think luck had much to do with it. Zach and I have worked very hard since Day 1 to uphold his schedule no matter what ours may be and we put him in his crib to sleep every night. Although some days were harder than others, we have followed Babywise and it has really made life wonderful. (Highly recommend to all my expecting mommy friends)

Austin loves getting nakey!
Big Nakey Boy...11 1/2lbs

Dr. Weary and Austin chattin' it up!

I love when Daddy swaddles me!

Here come the tears, oh and Austin was upset too....but only for a few seconds and then he was okay.

After the appointment he totally zonked out. He even slept through a diaper change so I let him rest for a few minutes on the changing table before I swaddled him for a nap. Who knows how long he'll be sleeping. Poor lil' fella! Oh but check out the Bugs Bunny bandaid he is rockin! I can't wait for the days when we can give him ice cream and race cars as a reward. But until then we just showered him in kisses and love!

Here he is napping with his donkey Clyde. Clyde makes everything better.

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"McShane" said...

Way to go Mom! And I am glad that you were both able to go to his appointment together still even with being back at work. Those are precious memories you don't even realize you will cherish. :)

Miss you!!