Life is a test. We are not present on earth to just exist; we are here to learn. Life is a lesson. Love one another unconditionally. Love thyself unconditionally. We spend our whole lives learning to do this. Some succeed and some never have a clue. I'm trying. Love my fellow man. Don't react and don't always have to be right. This is one I'll have to work on for the rest of my life. Appreciate each day and recognize positive and negative as a part of life's experiences. Look around me and see life at it's best. The joys of living come as you strive to achieve your dreams. Its the quality of each day that is important, not the distant dream once achieved. Teach and nurture my children. You can never give them too much love. -Randa Jex 1/1/94

Wednesday, April 10

Terrible 21 Months

Before I upload the Easter pics of our sweet Austin, I need to clarify that the terrible two's hit our house with full force this week.  What glorious timing less than 2 weeks before the baby comes.  Arrrr! I just needed to preface these angelic Easter pics with this post...don't be fooled, there is a little terror hiding behind those baby blues.

Okay I can't be that hard on him, 90% of the day he is so loving and sweet, but man, when he doesn't get his way you can actually see the steam building within.  I used to think this was entertaining and I would say calm down and try to make him relax before he lost his marbles but this week I physically can't compete.  I am at max capacity and have a hard time moving faster than a turtle's pace so I am no match for this cannon ball toddler.

I know what I will be doing with all those sleepless hours nursing the new baby---- books on disciplining toddlers.

Any recommendations?

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"McShane" said...

So first, the good news. . .I have heard and it was true in our house that kids who are early talkers/communicators enter this stage early but that it is shorter because their strong desire to communicate helps them to get there faster.

Second, this will be trying. Especially on lack of sleep and crazy hormones. Sent me to borderline PPD. It was very hard for me to come to grips with that. I say this so that if you feel, AT ALL, that might start to happen--CALL ME! TEXT ME! Whatever. I got your back. Talking to other moms helps!

Third, of all the techniques out there, what worked best for us was to stay firm on the No or whatever, but to offer hugs and love and reassurance and also to tell Hunter to take deep breaths with her--we would literally say, while hugging her, "okay let's catch our breath. Deep breath." and then do it together. We still do this when something upsets her or a meltdown comes. The meltdown ones only last maybe a minute or two when we do this. Every kid is different but worth a try! :)