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Wednesday, January 19

January 19, 2010: Baby Update 15 weeks

In case you were wondering, yes this is my twin my Aunt Lynette...she took me to this gorgeous mountain and we hiked for 2 hours...whoa! She is the one on the Left and that is her dog Izzy biting my foot!

I'm 15 weeks! (2nd Trimester)

How many weeks/days remaining: 25 weeks
Expected Due Date: July 15, 2011
Next Dr. Appointment: Feb. 18…WE FIND OUT GENDER!!!

Size of baby: Baby Jex now measures about 4 inches long, crown to rump, and weighs in at about 2 ½ ounces- about the size of an apple.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained 3lbs since last appointment and 1lb overall.

Maternity Clothes:
Not yet however suit pants and some of my tighter jeans feel a little snug after a big meal. Pants with tight elastic waistbands make me feel like I’m suffocating the baby…so never lift up might shirt or most likely you will catch me with pants unbuttoned and my fly down. Most the time I do it, sometimes it does it itself! J

We will find out in 4 weeks. I have said all along I think it is a boy but this past week I am thinking pink. Zach thinks I have lost my mind entirely.

Feeling great (knocking on wood)

Workout: Working out 3 times a week…but not nearly as intense as normal. This week I did turbo kick, skied, and did a 2 hour mountain hike while it was snowing. I would like to take a moment of silence and remember this week because I have a feeling I might not have another workout week like this for 10 months.

Movement: Not yet, however I can still move like normal and that’s awesome.

Sleeping well but have started getting up around 5am to go to the bathroom.

Pregnancy Highlights: Nails and hair grow at a freakish pace, I feel like I am clipping my toenails on a daily basis. I LOVE the feeling of knowing you are caring for another life… and that there is someone growing inside you, HOW COOL!

What I miss: Still miss that clear skin...grrrr. This is getting annoying.

Cravings/Aversions: I love bagels and fruit. And I started liking ice cream again (God help me). I was craving cupcakes all last week.

Symptoms: At night I feel really exhausted especially on workout days… my bedtime has gone from 11-12 to 9-10. When laying on my back in bed I swear I can see a little bump in between my hips and Zach finally has started to agree. Boobs are the size of my head and not slowing down however my butt has not changed in size so I guess God gives you small victories to be grateful for.

Best Moment this week: I took Baby J skiing and hiking up a mountain for the first time and he/she did great! I wore a Camelback and kept us very hydrated! Also Z is starting to see my little bump when I am lying down. I think my overall highlight of this pregnancy is how sweet and thoughtful Zach is to us. He is always waiting on me hand and foot, in a kind way not a creepy obsessive way. He always asks if I feel okay and without even asking he makes me a 9pm PB&J every night.

Okay no lie, as I was sitting here typing that very sentence a gorgeous bouquet of roses shows up at my office door with a note:

Just because I love you!!! Thinking of you and Baby J. Love Zach” I love that man…everyday I imagine him with his child and I sometimes think…I hope I can keep up, this man is going to be an amazing father!


"McShane" said...

Shay, you will totally keep up with Z! Y'all are going to be a great pair and that is one lucky baby!

And I am amazed by your workouts!! Your totally putting me to shame while I was pregnant. No joke, I was good to work out once a week!

Lisha said...

ahhh...what a great daddy he is going to be! and you will totally keep up with your mad mommy skills too! can't wait to see that tiny baby bump in less than 2 months! so excited!!!