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Monday, January 23

Sick Baby Weekend

Nothing pulls on your heartstrings more than a sad little baby with watery eyes and a runny nose.

Well this weekend we had big plans to attend a Mardi Gras Ball with Mom and Dad but Austin had his own agenda for the weekend that consisted of lots of sneezing, coughing,crying, sleeping, nose running, etc. The poor little guy got his first cold {no big surprise since we just completed the 3rd day of daycare}. So we cancelled our plans and hunkered down for the weekend with Austin.

Saturday he was pitiful but as happy as could be. He took 4 big naps and pretty much just woke up to eat. I hated to see him sick but I loved the snuggle bug he became. Usually snuggle time is limited to morning/night or during a bottle since he would rather be up exploring. Not Saturday, he snuggled and slept on and off the entire day and was perfect company during an entire movie on the couch. {ps. thanks to Tony's sisters for recommending Moneyball at Meg's bachelorette was really good!}
Here we are snuggled on the couch-- poor guy is sporting some red, swollen eyes.

I took every advantage of the increased number of naps and hit the gym and the kitchen to make some baby food. So glad he loves sweet potatoes because he has enough to last him to spring. Seriously...I ran out of baby food containers and had to put the excess in a bowl.

I was so excited to find a few blogs recommending pureeing baby food in the Magic Bullet over the expensive Baby Food makers sold in stores...same functionality but much cheaper. Thanks to Lisha and Lee, we had one in the cabinet!! It was wonderful and in a matter of seconds it pureed the veggies and fruits much better than a blender. So all you new moms, start saving your baby food jars and grab a magic bullet and you are in business!

No pics from Sunday....because Austin was not a happy camper. We had lunch at Mom & Dad's and he seemed really content while we were outside trying out some new bikes, but that was pretty much the extent of his happiness. Instead of sleeping all day like he did Saturday, he decided not to sleep a wink and cry ALL day. I know the poor guy felt awful when he even cried when eating his bananas and taking a bath and those are his favorites. Zach laid in the nursery for over an hour trying to soothe Austin to sleep, what a patient daddy!

Finally at about 8pm last night, his nose started to dry up a little and he was in much better spirits. He slept a little shorter than normal but when he did wake up at 7:30am he was is a great mood....thank goodness. So even though he usually does Daycare on Mon & Fri, Mom kept him today while he is recovering. Grammy and Papa make everything better.

I am glad he waited until 6 months to get sick because I am not sure I could have handled worrying about a sick newborn. At least I knew that if he couldn't breath he would roll over and get comfortable. In fact, this morning when I went in his room he had 2 blankets, 2 small pillows and a sock monkey all piled up next to him hugging. He had scooted his way all around the crib grabbing these items we had tucked away when he sleeps. I guess we are passed the point of leaving things "out of reach".

Looks like we are on the mend but I hope we aren't revisited by any illness anytime soon!

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The Borgman's said...

So quick question...what are you storing your baby food in? They look platic from the photo but I wasn't really sure.