Life is a test. We are not present on earth to just exist; we are here to learn. Life is a lesson. Love one another unconditionally. Love thyself unconditionally. We spend our whole lives learning to do this. Some succeed and some never have a clue. I'm trying. Love my fellow man. Don't react and don't always have to be right. This is one I'll have to work on for the rest of my life. Appreciate each day and recognize positive and negative as a part of life's experiences. Look around me and see life at it's best. The joys of living come as you strive to achieve your dreams. Its the quality of each day that is important, not the distant dream once achieved. Teach and nurture my children. You can never give them too much love. -Randa Jex 1/1/94

Thursday, November 3

They grow up too fast

As a kid, I always laughed at people when they look at kids and said "oh they grow up way too fast" we were actors on a soap opera that age 4 years over the summer. You tune back in after missing a few episodes and Sammy who was 9 and learning to ride a bicycle is now married with 6 kids. Well, now I get it.
This morning one of my best friends in the world gave birth to her 2nd daughter. Around 1am I had picture texts rolling in introducing me to her sweet little girl and as I looked at that tiny baby in her arms, I thought...."oh they grow up way too fast". So this morning when I got up to feed Austin, instead of putting him back to bed for an hour while I got ready for work, I just sat there for a few extra minutes. I held him tight and rocked him back to sleep and I can barely believe that this little boy in my arms that now laughs, holds his own bottle, and recognizes familiar faces was that same tiny baby I held in the hospital 3 1/2 months ago.
I have learned how to live in the moment and cherish every second with this little one. Even last night when he was screaming for no apparent reason, I held him close and thanked God for that sound.
holding his bottle

His new thing is he reaches out and touches your face when you talk to him. It's the sweetest thing ever and pretty much melts my heart.

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Ross Monkeys said...

This phrase slaps you in the face throughout their lives...It's so strange, you try to live in the moment and then you wake up and wonder where time went. I had one of those moments earlier this year when my 11 year old started 5th grade. It was like a new kid, new phrases, new maturity!