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Tuesday, November 9

Master Re-Decorate

Well about a month ago I redecorated our master bedroom and I am just now getting around to posting pictures. I also have new bedding on order but I will have to show that after it arrives. The reason behind this redo is because 1) Zach said he felt like we lived in a cell block. The gray/blue color we loved a year and a half ago was just not exuding the warmth and charm you want in a sunny master bedroom. And 2) we had to get some Drapes, there is just too much sun pouring into those 10 ft windows on Saturday mornings when you are trying to sleep late.

So to combat dilemma #1 I asked Zach if he would bear with me on the color if I brought in accessories and drapes that livened it up. So as you can tell, I killed 2 birds with one stone...DRAPES!

The color pallet I used is navy, white, mustard yellow and gray/blue. The walls are much more gray and less blue in person. Some of these pictures make them look periwinkle but they are really more of a steel blue in person. The new bedding I ordered is all white with lots of different textures and quilting. I had to show off the Bolster pillow mom made me- gray/blue giraffe print with yellow piping to match the drapes. I sewed the drapes and all of the blue and white thick striped pillows. I love that nautical/beachy look of the blue and white stripes. Some mornings I pretend I am laying in a cabana in the Caribbean...haha just kidding but it sounds nice, right?

I was so nervous when I brought home 76 feet of bold mustard yellow damask fabric but I figured GO BOLD or GO HOME! So I did and we love the way it looks! In the mornings when the drapes are closed and the sun is hitting them it makes the room the most beautiful golden color. It is go cozy!!! I have a new design in the works (mentally) for one of our guest bedrooms and I am begging Zach to let me do it as my Christmas present (he is a smart man and I think he is starting to realize that although I am Frugal Francie it will be a more expensive endeavor than our usual Christmas gifts). The room has exposed brick on one wall and I thinking of doing a "New Orleans loft" design- very warm colors, textures, and urban elements! But until I get the green light I will just continue dreaming......

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Tay and Teigan said...

Shannon! Ok, I am really excited to have found your blog. And I LOVE your room updates. I have been daydreaming about revamping our master bedroom in the exact same colors. Someday, when we can paint . . . someday. It looks so cozy and I bet that sun shining through the yellow curtains is beautiful. Hope you're enjoying the holidays miss beautiful, talented girl!