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Monday, October 11

Dinner Success!! Day 1 of 200...

So while living in Jackson over the past 3 months I decided I was really going to make an effort in the kitchen when I returned home. Zach and I love to cook together and we do so most weekdays but we pretty much rotate between about 10 'repeat meals'. So I am going to try and spice it up and I have promised Zach to cook 200 days out of the next year. So by October 11, 2011....we will have had 200 home-cooked meals. WHO ELSE IS UP FOR THE CHALLENGE??

I am looking for a good cookbook to "Cook through"...yup one page at a time until I have completed all of them! The Oxford Square cookbook seemed to be the front runner but I am scared to death we might die from high cholesterol in the next 200 days if I cook through that one. That Oxford food is deliciously sinful! So now I am searching for a cookbook with a nice combination of healthy meals and that good ole home cooking that makes your arteries burn!

So here is DAY 1: From scratch Chicken Pot Pie courtesy of the Barefoot Contessa
Review: HUGE SUCCESS- we will have it again...and again. Plus it makes a ton. We ate 3 servings and we have 6 servings left. Those went into the freezer for a chilly fall day!
Cooking Chicken, Boiling raw carrots, simmering Chicken Stock, and Simmering Onions

The end result in loaf pans (it made 4)

But after Zach dumped his on his plate we realized it was a ton of food so 1 dish=2 servings. I only ate half of mine and I was stuffed.

Zach on the other hand cleaned his plate! Yummy!!!


Lisha said...

whoo hoo! i'm all for a good challenge although sometimes I forget to brush my teeth this involves texting in...count me out. I have a few cookbooks that I LOVE...Weight Watcher 5 ingredient 15 minute cookbook...The Pampered Chef It's Good For You...and believe it or not...the P90X Nutrition Plan. It has fabulous sauces and rubs for meat, fish, poultry and great receipes for easy dishes. I miss you my friend! Hope everything is going well - can't wait to catch up!!

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed, girl. And impressed you have 4 loaf pans. So glad it was good. I have a good Chicken pot pie recipe too, with a lot of shortcuts. One of my favorites comfort foods. I think I'll make it. Love you, Mom