Life is a test. We are not present on earth to just exist; we are here to learn. Life is a lesson. Love one another unconditionally. Love thyself unconditionally. We spend our whole lives learning to do this. Some succeed and some never have a clue. I'm trying. Love my fellow man. Don't react and don't always have to be right. This is one I'll have to work on for the rest of my life. Appreciate each day and recognize positive and negative as a part of life's experiences. Look around me and see life at it's best. The joys of living come as you strive to achieve your dreams. Its the quality of each day that is important, not the distant dream once achieved. Teach and nurture my children. You can never give them too much love. -Randa Jex 1/1/94

Thursday, November 12


(By the way this is not our is from the web but I do hope to make mine look that awesome!)
Now that we are days away from being done with the kitchen renovation, I think it is time to jump into another huge project....decorating our home for the holidays! I ran into a tree dilemma...although I wanted a live tree I thought a fake tree would be a good investment. I posted a message on facebook asking for recommendations on where to get a 9ft pre-lit tree and got so much help! So after reading all the feedback I decided to go real this year b/c we are having a big Christmas at our house and I love the smell and then I am taking some of the advice and picking up a fake one when they go on sale after the holidays! So if you happen to be facing the same is some great advice:

Emily Mayor Kaczmarczyk- Try Big Lots

Wesley Rogers- Just past Mammy's cupboard on the left. It's probably not open yet. Patience, my dear.

Carrie Pugh- There is also one in Ferriday...I buy my tree from Well's Produce on the end of Homochitto across from the Exxon, and next to the Donut Shop...and I think they deliver and dispose, too...

Jana Blackburn Weathersby- we got ours at Costco, I would try Sams too!

Ben Cochran- Mr. whiskers out 61s has awesome trees, and they deliver and set-up, they'll even come back and take it out of your house.

Kara Graham Webb- They have some at Sams but I just saw some at Home Depot I like even better! Plus you can get 10% off coupons on ebay for Homedepot. The one from Sam's was 189 and the ones from Home Depot were all price ranges, some more some less depending on how "lifelike" you want the needles to feel.

Lindsay Escue Prine- Try Hobby Lobby and Sears!

Reagan Stafford-I got my 7.5 ft pre-lit tree from Target last year for $100 and it is beautiful! You may want to check there!

Tiara Guard-Hate to admit it, but even Home Depot carries great pre-lit fake trees. And they are not super costly either. Unless you are a real woman's-man that cannot escape a hardware store without buying extra

Catherine Tillman Whalen- Martha at KMart.

Elizabeth Chesser- If you can wait, Home Depot's trees go on sale shortly after Christmas...sometimes as much as half off! We love ours!!

Becky Jex- We got our pre-lit tree at Wal-Mart for like 130-140 but it's def not a 9 footer.

Stephen M Jex- Ellen Hefley's husband Earl used to have a xmas tree farm so of town when I lived there. You might ask her.

Jeff Chao- Hobby lobby

Sue Geter-Walmart had some pretty ones! Also, you need to go to Jackson to the fairgrounds and get you a pretty tree!

Bebe Taylor Willcutt- Walgreen's

Corinne Haxton Pavlovic- 9 ft at home depot: $199 for pine. $269 for fir

Ruth Moseley Parrish- Sam's Club!!

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